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George A. Christou

George A. Christou

George A. Christou

Senior Manager

George A. Christou graduated from the “Nottingham Business School” of the Nottingham Trent University, U.K. where he obtained his B. A. (HONS) in Business Administration.

He worked for “Laiki” Bank for more than 32 years and he got the early retirement scheme offered by Bank of Cyprus after the amalgamation of Bank of Cyprus and Laiki, following the events of March 2013.

At the time of his retirement he was the manager of the second biggest Retail Banking branch of “Laiki” in Larnaca having under his supervision 20 employees.

He has extensive knowledge of the banking business in Cyprus and he is an expert in banking funds management.

In August 2014 he started his own firm based in Larnaca offering services to individuals as well as to companies for financial issues, banking issues and other consulting services.

Since March 2015 he is the Manager of the EuroAudit office in Larnaca.